Pratham class

Pre NIOS Class three levels A,B and C run under Sarva Siksha Abhiyan by Govt. of India.

Class for hearing impaired children

This class has a special system with individual mike and headphones to amplify the voice of the teacher as well as the child for auto auditory feedback for learning to speak.

Pre academic program

Children are prepared for formal reading and writing, learn colours, shapes etc.

Computer class

Children are taught basics of computers and its use for communication.

Pre vocational Class

Children learn to make decorative articles, are trained in office work, working in a shop or cooking depending upon their ability and interest.

Class for Autistic children.

Activities and games are planned for children to express emotions, get grounded and be interactive with each other.

Yoga class

Mr. Inamdar, yoga teacher, is from Ambika Yoga Kutir.

Children are exposed to simple modified yogasanas and breathing techniques, with the aim of making them calm and grounded.

Music and Dancing

Along with the recreation, music and dance improves their auditory attentivity, movement awareness and concentration which helps them for progress in academics.

Art and craft class

This class facilitates creativity in the children and improves their fine motor skills.


Every event from festival celebrations to sports, picnics, cultural programs, participation in various inter special school competitions and field trips leads these children to be confident and socially acceptable.

Our Achievements

Awarded to kids at interschool competitions and in other activities